Your chance for a life free from glasses

The dream of freedom from glasses and contact lenses has come true. Experience with millions of treatments makes LASIK (laser in situ keratomileusis) the gold standard in safety and efficiency.

To correct shortsightedness (myopia), long sightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism, a thin slice (flap) of the cornea (surface of the eye) is seperated and lifted up (step1).

Then the underlying cornea is shaped with an excimer laser according to the individual needs of the patient (step 2). After this procedure – that takes only a few minutes – the flap is repositioned. It serves as a natural cover providing convenience and safety. Anaesthetic eye drops ensure painless treatment.

FemtoLASIK, the all-laser procedure

With the most advanced technology of the femtosecond laser, air bubbles are produced under the corneal surface for safe and gentle separation of the flap (step1).

Then the excimer laser shapes the cornea (step2) to give back sharp vision to your eyes.

Further advantages of Femto LASIK:

• Painless operation in minutes
• Suitable even for high myopia
• Thin corneas can be treated
• Greater quality of vision
• More safety and convenience
• No stress for eye and patient
• No eyedressing after treatment
• Full vision generally achieved next day

Professional Excellence
at VisuMed Laser Clinics is based on more than 50.000 operations.

To provide freedom from glasses, Dr. G. Fiedler was the first surgeon who performed excimer laser treatment in Munich as early as 1993.

As a renowned member of the many international scientific societies he shares his experience about LASIK in many lectures, at congresses around the world and in publications.
With both German national and US federal medical credentials Dr. Fiedler also teaches LASIK, approved by the Association of German Ophthalmologists (BVA).

National German Television showed him several times operating with the ultimate Femtosecond Laser: Watch him performing LASIK surgery in TV at or ask for a DVD per mail.

The overwhelming interest in the Arab World in laser surgery that he experienced again at the Red Sea Congress in Sharm el Sheik made him further expand his contacts and cooperation with local Arab Eye specialists.
Several years of experience in Arab Countries working for WHO and RED CROSS / RED CRESCENT made him familiar with your specific medical needs.

Happy patient with Dr. Fiedler and his staff

Frequently asked questions

Does the operation hurt?
The eye is treated with anaesthetic drops, so that there is no pain. LASIK is an outpatient procedure.

Is the procedure dangerous?
Provided that your eyes are suitable for LASIK, the operation – performed by an experienced surgeon – bears less risks than the long term use of contact lenses. This technology is scientifically recognized and has been successfully performed on millions of patients.

How soon can I see well?
In general you can expect good vision the day following treatment.

Will the result remain stable?
Long term studies have proven the stability of refractive effects. Age related changes of the eye, however can make reading glasses a necessity.

What is the experience with Femto-LASIK?
Accepted by the US Federal Drug Administration (FDA)in 2001 this all-laser-procedure has proven to be a quantum leap in overall safety, precision and visual result in more than 500.000 operations.

When can I resume normal life?
We advise our patients to restrict work with a computer for 3-4 days and reduce strenuous physical activities in the first week. After 10 days your eyes will be fit for swimming, diving and all kind of activities. Don’t forget your sunglasses and have fun!

Your LASIK surgery in Munich

Tuesday 11:15 am
Arrival at Munich airport after a comfortable, relaxing flight. Your personal guide and interpreter welcomes you at the check out. Your limousine sevice takes you to the hotel of your choice.
14:30 pm
Pick up to Dr. Fiedler’s office, where he personally examines and gives you an in depth consultation.
17:00 pm
If you like, do some sightseeing or shopping.
19:30 pm
Finish off the day by having a dinner at a pleasant restaurant.

Wednesday 9:00 am
at VisuMed Laser Clinic, Dr. Fiedler welcomes you and explains all following steps of the treatment.
9:40 am
In the high-tech operating room Dr. Fiedler starts surgery with the femtosecond- and the excimerlaser. You feel no pain, just see some laser like fireworks.
10:15 am
Antibiotic drops are administered and after being taken back to the lounge, you put on your sunglasses to protect your eyes. No eyedressing is needed.
11:15 am
After a relaxing time in the lounge Dr. Fiedler will check your eyes again to reassure the success of the operation.
11:25 am
Already back at your hotel.
12:30 pm
At lunchtime there still is no pain, but some foreign body sensation for 3-4 hours.
14:00 pm
Having a refreshing nap is the best decision.
18:30 pm
At dinner you are already happy about your new vision and enjoy the evening in Munich.

Thursday 10.00 am
After the examination next morning, you enjoy freedom from glasses and a splendid view from Dr. Fiedlers office.

Cost of treatment for both eyes with the ultimate Femtosecond Laser and wavefront guided procedure is Euro 5.800.

Preoperative examination and postoperative care as long as needed, free consultations for any kind of eye care within five years are included.

All inclusive Package free of charge:
  • Complete Travel Organisation
  • Booking of flights
  • Airport limousine service
  • Personal assistance and interpreter
  • Assistance in choosing appropriate hotels
  • Planning additional sightseeing trips
  • Free counceling by a travel specialist familiar with Europe’s treasures

is offered by an experienced staff of travel agents. Being well acquainted with the Arab way of life, they are looking forward to fulfilling your personal wishes.

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